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Please print this page or e-mail us and we will send you a copy.
Braselís Bulldogs Stud agreement

Send a signed copy of this form, along with payment to:
Bobbi Brasel
Po Box 146
Richville MN 56576
(218) 346-7738

This agreement is for the use of  Bobbi Braselís AKC male English Bulldogís Semen.

Studs Registered name    Brasel's Wally Walker

Method of Stud Service Payment:
Payment is to be made in cashiers check or money order only.  Payment must be made prior to semen extraction.
______ (A) Agreed Upon Stud Fee of  450.00 will be paid prior to extraction of semen.

______ (B) Owner of female being breed with above named studís semen, agrees, in return for use of semen, to allow Bobbi Brasel to have 2nd pick puppy, of Bobbi Braselís choice, from litter whelped from this breeding.  Puppy will be delivered to Bobbi Brasel at 8 wks of age, in good health, with all necessary shots, worming's  written veterinary health examination, and full AKC registration.  If by chance, the female only has one living puppy from this litter, and Owner of female, can not give Bobbi Brasel 2nd pick puppy, the Owner of  female, will pay Bobbi Brasel a stud fee in the amount of 450.00, fee will be due immediately, upon request. (This option is to Bobbi Brasel approved females only)

Owner of female, agrees to pay all veterinary expenses necessary for veterinary extraction,  implantation, necessary paperwork, and any other veterinary costs of this breeding.  Bobbi Brasel will not be responsible for costs or veterinary expenses necessary for this breeding.

By signing below you  are stating that you are the Owner of listed female, and that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
Females Registered Name  ______________________________________
Registration Number          ______________________________________
Owner Signature       __________________________________________
Co Owner Signature __________________________________________
I Bobbi Brasel approve this female for option (B) stud fee alternative________________

Braselís English Bulldogs Semen Guarantee:  I Bobbi Brasel will supply semen for next heat cycle of the above named female, free of charge, if said female does not get a confirmed pregnancy, on this breeding.  Any veterinary cost for extraction of the semen will be paid by the femaleís owner.  Bobbi Brasel will not be responsible for any costs, or  veterinary expenses necessary for this breeding.

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