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Congratulations, now that you have decided to get your new bulldog puppy here are some things you should know.

When you bring your new bulldog puppy home, it is important that you remember your puppy is just like a baby.  They require lots of love and cuddling along with plenty of rest good nutrition and more love and cuddles.  Moving to a new home, and leaving the comfort of momma, and other litter mates can be somewhat traumatic.  So make them as comfortable as possible with out too much change or excitement.

When feeding it is recommended that you feed the same food, as was given your puppy when he was in his breeder home.  You can change his diet to another brand but do it gradually, mixing his current brand, with the brand you want to change him too.  Also, the best food bowls for bulldogs are stainless steel flat bottomed bowls with straight sides.  Avoid plastic bowls.

Make sure your puppy has a nice place to sleep that he can call his own.  A good wire crate works good for this purpose as it gives him a place to sleep, can be used to housebreak your puppy and also can travel.  Wire crates are better for bulldogs, than the plastic veri kennels, as they give your bully plenty of ventilation.

Have toys on hand for your new puppy to play with and chew on.  Most breeders recommend not giving bulldogs raw hide bones, as even as puppies they can break pieces off and choke on them.  For some excellent toys we have found for our bulldogs visit our Bulldog Toys page, where you can order online, or look for them at your local pet store.

Within the first few days of bringing your new puppy home, you will want to make an appointment for him with your local veterinarian.  Make sure you bring along the puppies immunization and worming records, so your veterinarian can add them to their files, and know which immunizations your puppy may need to receive next.  Regular veterinary visits are highly recommend for bulldogs.

Essentials you will want to have on hand:

Nail clippers,  keeping your dogs toe nails trimmed is good for not only the health of your bully, but also your furnishings.  Typical trimming is about every two weeks.
Brush, it is recommended you brush your bulldog about 3 times per week, this will help keep their coat nice and decrease on shedding.  Most any brush will work but one with plastic coated tips seems to work really well.
Lead and Collar,  to start with your puppy will require a light weight collar and lead, you can go to a heavier leather one as your puppy matures.
Food and Water Dishes, stainless steel dishes with flat bottoms and straight sides are recommended.  Avoid plastic dishes.  Keep dishes clean to avoid bacteria build up.
Baby wipes, come in very handy for washing bulldog wrinkles and I also use them in the ears and between the toes, as bulldogs are prone to yeast infections in these areas if you do not keep them cleaned on a regular basis.  It is recommended you clean these areas about two times per week.
Hydrocortisone Shampoo with Aloe, is one of my secrets to keeping my bulldogs coats healthy,  I use this any time I notice any irregular scratching or irritation, as bulldogs are know to have sensitive skin, that is easily irritated and minor allergies.  This really works for me.  Note: Do not over bathe your bulldogs, as it can dry out their skin.  Always use a mild shampoo for bulldogs.
Cotton Balls/ Q tips, aid in cleaning of ears and between wrinkles.
Vaseline, is good for the nose to keep it moist.
PeptoBismol, is good for slight stomach upset.
Kaopectate, is good for diarrhea.
Clear Eyes, works really good for irritated, or dry eyes.
Bendryl, is good for bee stings, other insect bites or minor allergies.

Please remember a bulldog is a very unique breed of dog and they do require maintenance.  You can prevent some major problems with a little proper care.  This will ensure a happy bonding between you and your new puppy, to create a long lasting relationship:)

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