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 Brasel's Bulldog Puppy Prices:
(due to limited litters we recommend you reserve your puppy in advance)

Full registration puppies are $1500.00 + (US).  We also do have occasional puppies, for those people that have always wanted a Bulldog, but can not afford breeder prices, and are not interested in showing, just having a lovable bully companion.  Companion puppies are $1000.00 + (US).    Reserve Deposit parties, do get first pick of available companion puppies, in the order reservation was received.  Read below for reservation/ deposit and shipping info  and  Contact us.

*We on occasion take payments, but puppy must be paid in full prior to pick-up or delivery, Contact me for this option.

All our puppies will have current shots, wormed and will be veterinary checked prior to delivery to new owners.

Personal Note:  I have added a page as to why bulldogs are so expensive.  I would also like you to know that we do strive to have not only quality bulldogs, but healthy bulldogs.  That is why our full registration puppies come with a 1 yr health guarantee, and all puppies are vet checked prior to going to new homes.  You may find "Bargain Bulldogs" out there, but "Buyer Beware", as an unhealthy bulldog can be very expensive.  Most veterinarians do not like to deal with bulldogs, and bulldog health problems can run into several thousands of dollars!  It is like the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  

Reserved/ Hold:
(Highly recommended, due to limited amount of puppies)

Reserve Deposits :   You may reserve one of our future puppies with a reserve deposit (500.00 US), you will have pick of all available puppies, in the order your deposit was received.  Reserved parties also have first pick of any available companion puppies, in the order of reservation.  Companion Puppies do not come with Full Registration Papers, as they are not meant for show or breeding purposes.  Companion puppies do come from the same litters as our potential show and breeding puppies.  The only reason companion puppies are discounted is because they may have a slight appearance fault, such as pink on their nose (show disqualification), heavier ears than desired, or their tale may be a little longer than desired.  These faults in no way contribute the the health of the puppy, but are not desired when showing.
When sending your deposit please include your full name, address, e mail (if you have one), and phone number where you can be reached, so we can let you know that your deposit has arrived safely.  (mailing address is listed below).

Hold Current Puppy :  You may hold a current puppy, with a 500.00 (US) deposit.  Balance on puppy is due prior to delivery, or pickup (please do not expect to pick up a puppy with bal. in the form of a personal check, see payment method below, as personal checks take 10 days to clear my bank, and will delay pick up or delivery).  A puppy on Hold or Payments, will not be held longer than the age of 12 wks, without prior arrangements.  We do this for two reasons; 1. There others waiting for our puppies, 2.  We do not have a facility to hold your puppy forever.  

Payment Methods/Information:

Cashiers Check/Money Order or Cash, at this time we do not take credit card orders.  If sending a personal check for balance owed on puppy (personal check will not hold a current puppy), keep in mind that it will delay shipping or delivery/ pickup, of puppy by 10 days.  (Time allowed for check to clear my bank).

Payment information:
Bobbi Brasel
Po Box 146
Richville MN 56576
Note: When sending funds we recommend you send them certified, priority, or fed ex.,  with a return receipt  for your records, and to insure proper delivery.


We will ship, but recommend that you try and make arrangements to pick up your puppy, as I am flexible and will meet you within a 200 mile radius of my home.  Shipping expenses are paid by buyer.  We ship via air flight, from Minneapolis using Northwest Airlines.  We can ship only when weather permitting, the cost is 200.00 which covers crate, airfare, certificate and papers necessary to ship.  

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