Why are Bulldog Puppies So Expensive?

There are several reasons that you pay more for Bulldog puppies.  The primary being the fact that bulldogs are not easy to breed.  It is rare to find a male that can naturally mount a female (due to body structure), and a female that can whelp her puppies without a c-section (due to big heads).  What this means is there is several steps, and a lot of veterinary expense, and special paperwork,  just to get your female pregnant.  I am talking, target testing to see if the female is ready, semen extraction from the male, once she is ready, artificial or surgical implantation, and regular check ups and ultra sounds to make sure all is well.  Providing all went well you still have the c-section, and the pup checks to make sure all are healthy,  and there are none that need immediate veterinary attention, or require medication (bulldog puppies have a high mortality rate, and bulldogs are known to have water puppies).  Now you get to take your sleepy mom and her new litter home.  Where you get to play mom for the first 2 wks, as bulldogs have a tendency to non intentionally squash their babies.  So for 2 wks you are up every two hours putting puppies in with mom so they can feed. You sit and watch while they feed, making sure that all is well, none are in danger, and they are all eating well, so you  do not end up having to bottle feed.  Hopefully your female has enough, and good milk or you end up feeding several puppies, or the whole litter.  All this time and expense, and you may only have a litter of 2-4 puppies, or you can lose the whole litter and have to wait for your females next cycle to try all over again.  This is the main reason why Bulldogs are so expensive.  

Bulldogs are not a breed for those wanting to make  quick money raising dogs, they require a lot of time, and expense for proper care.

I do not, as some breeders do, AI or extract from my own dogs.  I do leave all this to my veterinarian, as that is her area of expertise, and I do not want to take chances of infection or other complications.  I take every precaution I possibly can, to not only produce quality bulldogs, but also healthy ones :)   

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